Confused asf😒

So me and this boy used to talk and I’m just now seeing him again at school after all this time. We have class together and he’s very touchy, we always end up looking at each other,he texts me after school, he once grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to him ( a friend was trying to pull me away from him), and even asked me for my number so I’m like most def he likes me right? This is where It gets confusing; my friend that knows I like him told me that he asked her about some other girl and when he asked for my number he texted me back with a “nvm” like... how tht work😒 all of this happened about a week ago but he still acts like this. I know I’m probably stupid for still entertaining him but I swear it’s sooooo hard to not look at him🤦🏾‍♀️🤤.IM FED UP AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF HE LIKES ME OR NOT. Should I give it up and never speak to him about it or confront him and ask him what’s up. What would y’all do