Vent !!!!!


Sooo this month was my fiancée's birthday and we went out of town for the weekend to SC and I knew my fertile window was coming , we baby danced every single day even twice a day on some days and everyday of my fertile window when I came home from work Monday I took OPKs and it was positive and took another just to make sure and it was positive also so we baby danced again a hour later and the very next day. So pretty much we did it, 7 days in a row, I took a first response test this afternoon and it came out negative. I really don't understand how , there was plenty of sperm before and after !!!!! I don't understand how it didn't work . I'm currently 5 days away from AF and the negative really just broke my heart ... I really thought we had it this time. Maybe I should test using more urine instead of late afternoon since it's before my period ???