Baby shower Rant


Sorry, but this is a venting/rant post.

I am 22 weeks with my first and I am planning my own baby shower and I am starting to get annoyed with women (and I say women because none of the men I’ve mentioned the baby shower have given a flying eff lol) who look at me crazy when I say I’m throwing my own baby shower. What is the big deal with that?! This week alone I’ve mentioned to a few different women (patients and coworkers) that I am working on baby shower stuff because it’s coming up in October and their first reaction has been “why are you throwing your own baby shower?” I then have to explain to these people that I have no friends around me and the only 3 friends I have live in a city 90 mins away from me and have their own busy lives (ones a stay at home mom of two beautiful girls, one works full time mostly on weekends and the other is a newlywed and is due 1 week after me so she’s busy with planning her own baby shower) and all 4 of my siblings all live 10+hrs north of me and all have their own kids and families and more than likely won’t be able to make it in the first place. So why would I ever expect for any of these busy humans to plan and host a baby shower for me? It wasn’t their choice for me to get pregnant so why should I put that responsibility on them? Also, I don’t really care for traditional showers, so our shower is going to be a big family party anyways so I don’t see the big deal. It could very well be hormones making me pissy about it but I think it’s stupid. That could just be me though 🤷🏻‍♀️