Pregnant story


Me and my hubby were honestly trying for a long time. We began to think something was wrong with either me or him and kept putting the doctor off to get checked. I really believe we were doing that because we didn’t want to find out that either him or I couldn’t have kids. I’ve always had issue with my stomach and periods and whatnot. And he used accutane which is an acne medicine and his uncle wasn’t able to have kids because they think for the same reason. So we gave up, and just forgot about it and lived our lives.. well i guess we just never caught me ovulating and remind you we’ve been together for 5 years and i conceived in December of 2017. Here we are, I’m 8 months pregnant with our baby girl. The point in this post is to tell you ladies that even when things seem impossible, or you feel like giving up, just keep your head up and things will happen on Gods time. I swear I prayed and prayed and felt like he wasn’t even listening when all I had to do was trust in him. Good luck to the women out there ttc, your time is coming!