SO has no job, does the bare minimal w housework and baby

I’ve been with this man for a year & 9 months. It’s been sorta like this- but it’s gotten worse. I do everything. I didn’t complain to much before because he had a job but he has had no job for 3 god damn months, he just sits on his ass all day. I just had our son 5 weeks ago and I’m so overwhelmed and exhausted. I’ll ask him to do the dishes and he won’t do them for a week, or until I do them. He doesn’t clean. He barely helps with our toddler. I’m so annoyed. He has only applied to literally 3 places, I’ve applied to more already in the past week and gotten 3 call backs and hoping for more. This is so aggravating, I’m sick of it and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t get a break from our son because I’m breastfeeding and he basically says it’s my fault and that’s why he never wants to hold him or help with him other than changing him here and there.

My first son is learning to potty train and is in pull ups but he just fucking let him soak in them in the morning. I’m usually up super late (3-4 am) with the baby, it’s so rough.

I need advice please😭