Bf complains.....

I want to know your thoughts on this.

So earlier today, my bf complained about how I suck at cooking, and how I rarely cook anything for him.

I do love my bf. Honest truth, I’m not that great of a cook either but I do cook for him. At least I try.

There’s this one day where I cooked him some our ethnic fried noodle. As I was cooking, he looked down at the noodles and started arguing with me saying the noodles are so soggy, it’s not even al dente. I know how soggy noodles look and the noodles wasn’t soggy at all. So as I finished the final product, he kept complaining about the noodles being all soggy & after he took his first bite, he told me was “junk.”

There are days when I cook and he just take a bite of it and judge the food that I prepared just for him. He’d tell me things like “it’s so junk,” “there’s not enough salt or it’s not flavorful,” “you can’t even cook it right,”

That’s the reason why I rarely cook, because of how he always judges, and he can’t appreciate me not even a little, not even a little thank you for trying to cook me dinner. And yet he complains why I don’t always cook for him. I don’t know what to do.