Cheeky to ask🤔?

So all my friends and family ask me what I want for birthdays Christmas etc and I always say it’s up to you it’s your money and I trust your taste because I do but I want to buy one of them Hamilton Turnberry Flight strolers because they fold up really small and light weight and I think it will be perfect for my son he has a disability and sometimes needs to be in a stroller not always and I thought this would be ideal without me having to worry about the weight of it after a c section as his stroller now is very heavy, and also perfect for when my little girl starts getting older too, I’ll have my birthday just before she comes. I don’t want to pull the whole amount out of my account it’s only around £150, but would you consider it cheeky for me to ask them just for the money they would spend on stuff rather than the stuff itself so I can at least save some of my own money on the purchase, I don’t know I feel cheeky asking just for money off them but then I know I’m going to get a lot of use out of this product.