Needing prayer after ultrasound yesterday!

. • I'm 25 years old, married to the most handsome God fearing man, and pregnant with my Feb 2016 rainbow baby!
So, I woke up that morning of my u/s really nervous and feeling like I needed to prepare myself. So, bc the ultrasound machine was broke at my doctors office, she ended up scheduling for a ultrasound at the hospital. It cost ridiculous amount of money to park so my hubby wasn't able to come in with me. Soooo, the technician starts to do my ultrasound and immediately finds my "little grasshopper" with a strong heartbeat, but then her face starts to get serious/focus and she turns the screen back to her. At that moment I knew something was wrong, and age confirmed it by going to get a high risk doctor. So the doctor comes in and tells me that my baby has a "cystic hygroma" which is swelling from its back neck to the bottom...and that I need to go in for genetic testing to see if my baby has turners, down syndrome, or a heart defect...she told me there is a high chance of m/c and to be prepared for anything. I was upset bc she kept talking about termination of pregnancy and for me and my family...that's not a option! We continue to put this in God's hands and there is a 20% chance that the cystic can resolve itself by 20-25 weeks..So we are believing and standing in faith for the 20% abd we know God can do it. Please stand with it family prayer and keep us in your hearts.