Scheduled C-Section and I’m Scares Sh**less


Went in today for my 38 week appointment and ultrasound, to see how big my boy is measuring. This is a first for me, due to my daughter getting stuck last time and almost having to break her collar bone. We get in and the tech immediately says, “look at those chubby cheeks and hands!” I don’t think anything of that or anything else she was saying, which should have been dead give away a. I was just so happy to see his sweet face. The tech said he is measuring at 8lbs 9oz, with his belly and shoulders being much bigger than his head. Never thought about it once. They walk me out for my actual appointment. I notice, as I get in the room, that there’s no sheet to drape across me for the exam. The doctor comes in and looks at me with a defeated look and says, “it tells me we need to do a c-section at this point.” My heart sank. 4th baby and I end this way. He goes through all the info and scenarios, if we don’t do it and why it’s a better option. It makes sense to me, I’m just scared shitless. I’ve never had any type of surgery. I worry about what could happen to me and what’ll happen to my kids should something go wrong. I hate the idea of this but it’s my only option. Any of you have any advice or tips for me, so I’m not a huge mess. I have 7 days to sit and worry about the whole thing.