Boy problems?


Its litreally the first day of school and one of my old friends that happens to be a boy is flirting with me bad. I mean all his friends are right there and theyre ya know talking dirty cause a girl decided to sit at there table so i may have been a little turned on by it. And him flirting with me uncontrollably was not helping. So at the end of the day i cant get him off of my mind, so i sent him a dm to give me his number. I thought he would like this since boys kinda think its cute when girls make the first move and he gave me his number! Which is awesome. So at this point were just texting and talking back and fourth, ya know getting to know each other. Then out of the blue he asks me if i liked anyone, so on instinct i said "nah, not really, whata bout u?" He just said no. So fuck! Did i mess up? Did i say the right thing? I kinda like him! What should i do?