Suspicious of my boyfriend cheating on me?

My boyfriend swears he loves me and I genuinely believe he does, I’ve tried leaving him before due to my depression and tried to go on a journey of self love but he told me that I was selfish for doing so and said to put us first before me. He told me that I was abusive and toxic for trying to leave him without giving him a good reason to leave and I often feel like I’m entitled to be with him? He told me months he ago he no longer loved me because he said he didn’t feel the love back because I tried leaving him again due to my mental illness. When he told me that he tells me it’s the biggest regret in his life and he wishes he can take it back. I’ll admit that whenever we get into a fight(only the bad fights) I’ll try to leave him and he says that it’s a form of being verbally abusive because I act like a little girl who doesn’t know what I want(?) I’ll call him names and cuss him out as he does with me but I don’t think I’m being verbally abusive and I feel like he’s honestly reaching because he knows about my past and knows that I’ve been cheated on twice and my past relationships treated me horribly. Recently, an old friend from middle school added me on Facebook(mind you I only have 27 friends and I don’t really accept friend requests) I accepted this old friends request which is a BOY and my boyfriend kept asking me questions about him and asking if I had feelings for him 9 years ago and if he liked me and told me he doesn’t want me to talk to him???

Anyways, this Sunday he came over and we were looking for pictures to change his cover photo on Facebook and while we were scrolling I saw a picture of some girls butt( def not my butt I have no blue underwear) and he grabbed the phone away from me ugly and kept on saying that he didn’t want to change his cover photo and kept changing the subject and when I looked over at him he was drenched in sweat and he sounded nervous, I let it go but he promises it was nothing??? I was even crying and just telling him to please show me his camera roll so I can be reassured because he’ll guilt me and turn the situation on me and make me feel like the bad guy as usual.I’ve been thinking of reaching out to one his best friends that is a girl and asking if she knows anything about this mysterious booty pic in his camera roll but I’m not sure !? Am I overreacting? My boyfriend tells me I start unnecessary fights and the reason why we have a bad relationship is because of me?