Is this a cold sore or a pimple?

Kendra • "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Is this a cold sore or a pimple? I've never once had a cold sore in my life and none of my partners have herpes. Any partner I'm with I make sure that they are regularly tested and we use protection. I'm so careful. I dont even go near someone else with a cold sore much less kiss them or have sex with them. I just started my period today and two days ago I had a mild yeast infection that I cleared up with some of that cream stuff. The reason I'm asking if it is a pimple is because it doesnt really look like a cold sore but it's on the inside of my mouth like one. It isnt painful at all and it is white pus instead of clear fluid. It doesnt look like a blister either. Could this be hormonal acne? I'm so confused and scared. I hope to God that this isnt herpes. I've been with 4 people in the last month and a half and one of them is my husband (we are in a polyamorous relationship dont judge). Theyve all been tested within the last 3 months (aside from my husband). Also I'm not pouting im just trying to show you the sore. What do you think?

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