Initial breakout on spironolactone for cystic acne?


Been on spironolactone for hormonal acne for only a week but my skin is definitely blowing up worse than it’s been since before I started doxycycline months ago.

I have high DHEA-S hormone, nothing else. No cysts, regular periods, normal weight/fit, ovulate and all (yes I am sure.) Diagnosed PCOS because there’s nowhere else to really classify me, (even my Endocrinologist admitted it’s def possible it’s not really PCOS and maybe some deficiency, but genetic testing is expensive and treatment would be the same. (Prior Endo diagnosed me... had missing periods due to eating disorder in high school at the time so it made sense, and you don’t have to have cysts on your ovaries to be diagnosed with it in the US)

ANYWAY, yea bad cystic acne on my chin/jaw and (tons of facial hair there too). It’s terribly embarrassing. Doxycycline cured me (acne only) for a couple months and then I fell into a middle area where I was before doxy.

Fast forward and I am on both now. My face is blowing up so bad :( :( :( I also have a big cpa exam in less than a week that I’m stressed about butttt this ain’t my first rodeo chickies! Last cpa exam I was pimple free so wth!

I’ll spare the pics unless you wanna see my hairy pimply chin 😂

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