Brown discharge/bleeding - WORRIED


I know and understand this is probably TMI but I’m all over the place and don’t know what to do for my self a bit worked up about it. I’ve had terrible morning sickness - vomiting/diarrhoea since Thursday last week, accompanied by cramping every so often . I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. I rang my doctor because I was worried, spoke to receptionist about it, she didn’t seem concerned at all. And said there is space for me to be seen by a doctor but do you think you really need to be checked out? And I said well that’s why I’m calling, I don’t know if this is some thing to be concerned about? And she was a bit ummm hmmm then she said eventually yeah just come in at 11am. I don’t like wasting doctors time but the receptionist has made me feel like I’m worrying about nothing but I’m bleeding which is some thing I didn’t get from my first pregnancy my head is all over the place, is this normal?