Epic fight with husband in the night


We have a 18 day old newborn who is EBF. My husband is working full time & I'm on maternity leave. Last night, I took the entire night shift so that he could get a full 8 hours sleep. I got probably 2 hours of sleep. Tonight, I planned on doing the same thing so that he could sleep but my baby would. Not. Stop. Crying. He would only sleep in my arms. Anytime I put him down he would scream bloody murder. He also ate for probably about 3 hours straight. At around 1:30 AM, I woke my husband up and told him I need a ONE hour mental health break to not hear crying/ to recharge and sleep. After about 40 minutes my husband woke me up and said baby's hungry & won't stop crying. I looked at the clock & flipped out. I asked for ONE HOUR only and he couldn't do that for me. I was so furious and frustrated. After that, we got into a heated argument which obviously didn't help!!

How are you all splitting the night with your working partners? The sleep deprivation is SO real!!