Paci Stress

LJ • 1 baby girl with another baby on the way
From the day I got pregnant I said I would never use a pacifier but 2 weeks in I gave in - I have only used it strictly for sleep times but now I'm having major issues. My daughter is now 4 months old and takes 3 naps in the day then sleeps 7-7. So for her first nap I can get her to go down without the paci with no problems for some reason but then for her other naps and night sleep she just gets overtired if I don't give her it as she can't seem to sleep without it. I know lots of people are happy to keep a paci going but I want it gone - I just don't want it even harder to break months or years down the line and she's also started to whine maybe 3 times in the night looking for it. Is anyone else trying to remove it soon? I tried today and got to 1.30pm. She went down at 9 for her first nap and woke at 10.30 and was ready for another nap at 12.30 - I put her down and she was just lying playing kinda then the crying started and I literally tried singing, rocking, walking everything! She got bright red screaming as she was so overtired so I sat her on the floor and she was happy to play for a bit. Then I laid her back down to sleep and she was extremely still and tired but a little whiny and I just gave in and gave her it. I feel so bad for putting her through the stress of not having it and I'm just not strong enough for cry it out cause she would get so worked up and gga and that absutely terrifies me. Advice anyone? =\