Placing baby in daycare


Hi everyone. So my husband and I had a big blow out this morning concerning putting our LO in daycare. Before she was born I told him I wanted to wait till she was atleast 2 to 3 months old, because at that point she will have some vaccination and it would just feel more comfortable to me. I really am against placing babies in daycare while they are so young, as I didn't do it with my first until she was 6 months old. Unfortunately our city just became super expensive overnight with everything from rent to groceries and now my husband is freaking out and saying i need to get a job before baby is 2 months and put her in daycare. She is already almost a month old and I feel as though if we hav to dip into our savings for one month while im not working it won't kill us. I just think he's being very inconsiderate and careless with the health of his baby simply because of money. Am I wrong here?