Depo injection question


Hey girls, So here’s a little background info before my question, please read,

Thank you in advance! 😘

(Posted in birth control page too as it’s BC and TTC related)


I got my first ever Depo injection

21st of June, which was the first day of my period (had a 6 day period instead of 4).

Absolutely nothing in July.

Spotted very light pink for 14 days straight in August (not even enough for a pad/tamp)

- 6th to the 19th.

Had a very light spotting on the 30th of August for half a day, which would mark 2 weeks exactly before the 3 months is up. (I’m due in on the 13th of this month for a second injection, but me and my partner have decided against it and want to ttc)

Now, during that whole time I haven’t experienced any CM, not anything noticeable anyway, and I know it’s supposed to thicken up while on depo so never took any notice, until the 3rd of this month (a couple of days ago) I could have sworn I ovulated or was at least fertile as my CM was super watery for a couple of days, no colour and odourless, tmi but it felt like I peed my pants the whole time! Myself and OH ended up doing the BD (he even noticed I was very wet)

Now my question: Do you think it is possible I have just ovulated a week before the depo is due to “run out”

Has this ever happened to you? Have you gotten pregnant on the depo/just before it expired?

I would love to hear some of your experiences with depo!

Thanks again girls, sorry for the long post!

S xx

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