All my life, I have struggled with the term “over weight”. Growing up was tough. No father, and a mother who was obsessed with the term “skinny” but not the healthy term. It was 7 days a week of pure torture. Gym, personal trainer, running, bike riding, excessive diets. At 12 years old I weighed 100lbs “soaking weight” and was classified as anorexic. At age 14 I was ordered to go live with my grandparents, and if your grandparents are anything like mine they make sure your “nice and stuffed”. By the time I graduated Highschool at the age of 17 I was a size 2 ( life was still rough ) I watched everything I ate and punished myself when I considered myself “to fat”. I got pregnant with my son at 18 and weighed around 135lbs. I had my son at age 19 and was 190 lbs. I hated myself. After my son turned a year, it was a couple months after that, that I found I out I was pregnant with my daughter at 163lbs. When she was born I weighed in at 180 lbs.

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday and I bought my very first bikini. After so much therapy, I could finally stand in the mirror and not hate myself. I started crying. I went to the beach that weekend and I didn’t feel scared or anxious. I felt peace. Peace knowing that this is me. I’m a mom, I have stretch marks, I have a belly, I have love handles, I have thick thighs that jiggle. But I LOVE MYSELF!! It has taken me soooo long to say that and feel it.

I know this post is long and it may be kinda al Over the place, but I hope this encourages someone to start loving themselves. 💜💜