i think i'm so small for 19 weeks and 3 days right now . it's my first baby but yet i just don't think i'm gaining enough weight . i was 140 before i was pregnant and i'm 5'3 i looked decent but still always been sorta slim . i wanted to gain more weight anyways . but once i found out i was pregnant i was stressing so much , i couldn't keep nothing down whatsoever . i went down to 127 . now i'm 133 i was to get back to at least 140 or more because i want to look healthy throughout my pregnancy. everyone keeps saying i look fine but i feel so small . i'm constantly eating too ladies . but is there like helpful tips that you guys can just give me to gain ? i've taken ensure but i'm not consistent it doesn't taste too good . thanks to any ladies giving any advice ❤️ .