Posting anonymously because I'm ashamed.

My daughter is 7 weeks old and from the beginning I've sometimes felt like I dont want to be a mom or that I dont deserve to be a mom. I do have ppd but over the last couple weeks it has gotten so much better. Unfortunately today is one of those days where I dont want to be around my daughter and her non stop crying. I absolutely love her with all my heart but on a day like today it is so hard for me to look at her and feel a connection. All I feel is anger and frustration when she just wont stop crying and I can't figure out why. I just want to feel that connection or at least have a little more patience. I know shes not crying to make me mad. I know something is bugging her or she wants something but I just cant figure it out. When will this anger subside!? I hate feeling this way. I feel like such a terrible person and mom for this.