I feel like crying ... im going into labor alone


My husband & I got into an agurment over his mother ... she was very disrespectful to me during an agurment that I had with her son. She called me yelling, calling me names, telling me to leave her son alone. I told her all I care about right now is my kids & she said all I care for is mine so stay away from him. I told her she needs to mind her business because its not her relationship but what I didn't know at the time was my husband called her.

The next day him & I spoke about it & I explained to him I don't like when he tells others about our relationship & what goes on within it. I explained to him that his mother was very rude & she should have just spoke to him not me about it. I call my friends and my mom when my husband & I get into an disagreement but I would never alone them to speak down to my husband.

I am 4cm right now - I told my husband that I do not want his mom around my son because of how rude she was. I was 5m pregnant when this happened - his mom & I have not spoken since ... we used to have a really close relationship until that day.

My husband gotten upset which I can understand but I was trying to explain to him that I was really hurt by what she did & if I don't want her around me or my baby he needs to respect that.

He packed his things & left - went to his mom's house. Blocked my number & not answering my text. I honestly feel that if he can leave when im so close to giving birth, then he doesn't care about being there for us at all.