UPDATE* Is cheating a mistake ?


Just found out my husband cheated. We have one baby and I’m due again in November. He has cried to me that he wants his family and his wife.. he said it was the biggest mistake he’s done and he would never do it again.. HOWEVER, it wasn’t just with any woman it was with my own niece. How would you feel?

I had packed my bags and left the house..

there goes 13 years down the drain 🤢🤮😞💔

He said she just gave him head and no set was involved. Mind you this was when I was sleeping because I work at 4am and she was staying with us for about a month.

I told him it was bs I’m no man but I HIGHLY doubt a woman is going to give anyone oral sex without wanting to get it put in her.

Am I wrong for thinking that way? Would you walk or forgive ?


My niece is 21 we’re 29 for everyone who asked

She’s the one who went to my brothers house and told him everything.. my brother then called my mother and my mother called me..

I confronted both.. both denied.. I then called my brother and 3 way his daughter and she called him crazy. I got pissed because I knew he wouldn’t lie for something so sensitive and serious

I text her she was a whore and thank you for breaking up my sons family after I opened the door to her and allowed her to have a roof over her head and a hot meal in her stomach everyday (Cause her mother kicked her out)

She then told me she hope I die and she didn’t owe me anything and to check up on my husband because he ate her pussy they fu*ked and she gave him a blow Job.

He denied everything and called her crazy.. fathers day was around the corner and I didn’t wish him a happy Father’s Day he then told me he needed to speak to me and said she did give him a blow Job but nothing else happened.

He cried like seriously cried and begged me not to go... fast forward to today 9/12 he told me to please not get a divorce.. I’m the love of his life.. we have so much to lose.. he doesn’t want another man raising his kids...

“He has a few drinks “ and I told him I thought you just had one now it’s a few..

stories change quit a bit... I told him I was completely done he said he would give me space. But to please never leave him..

he did a mistake and he understands he sorry but he would never do it again.

We are not staying under the same roof because like I said before I had left.. we saw each other today so he could see his baby.. I’m not that horrible to keep his kid away.

Here I am 7 years of boyfriend and girlfriend and 6 years married = 13 years together

He said she planned this all out.. I told him he’s allowed me to look like an idiot while she laughs in my face

And if I decided to divorce then she would really get the last laugh...

Here I am 30 weeks pregnant waiting for my baby to arrive.. found out at 3 months.. so it’s been a hell of 4 months for me..

So after all he wasn’t the one who came clean she threw him under the bus and that’s how I found out .. he then denied but then admitted ..

Of course a man will never admit they had sex

For all of you who asked if it was a one time thing.. who’s to say? I wasn’t there just like anything else.. you never really know what happened unless you were physically there.