Feeling so Down

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So much going on. 32 weeks pregnant.

My husband got a promotion (yay!) but that means a lot of overnight trainings out of town (2-3 days) plus he is in the guard and has 3 4 day trainings.

I have 8 weeks till due date. And all of these are in that time(he’s currently gone actually).

On top of that he is going on a guys trip for the 1st weekend of October.

I work at a school and started up work this week. And it’s been a stressful first week back. I’ll work probably up until baby time or as close as I can.

This is baby number 4 for me, but my husbands 1st. There is a lot of drama going on with my ex husband and concerns with the my 3 kids safety at his house which is also making me nervous(already consulted a lawyer and there is nothing we can do at this time due to not enough physical evidence.)

I have had 3 dreams in the last couple of weeks about something horrible happening to our youngest daughter. I am stressed.

I am so uncomfortable with my weight and during weigh ins at the doctor if it’s more then a pound or two my blood pressure spikes and I’m a mess.

This pregnancy has been so hard on my body, I am in constant pain, my hips, my back. Literally every body part is swollen. Heartburn all day and all night (even with medication) puking and exhaustion.

I’m just feeling so sad right now and needed to vent.

Thanks for listening