First time with my boyfriend

So my bf and I are both 20 and I just know we’re gonna have sex with each other soon but I’m like really nervous because I’m 5’4 and he’s 6’8 and the tallest guy I’ve been with was 6’2 and even he was too tall for most positions.

I was just wondering if you guys had any tips?? Like I know I can get on top but I don’t know if missionary or doggy will work.

I just really want it to be as less awkward as possible because I really want our first time together to be special and I don’t want either of us thinking we can’t be intimate because of our height difference

Okay thanks guys now I feel silly lol it was just those few experiences that I had with a taller guy that’s shorter than my current bf that made me worried about anything going wrong

Thank u 💗💗