I tried 😔


I was at the park with my daughter when this young cat came up to us meowing and wanting to be pet and of course we did! And then he wouldn’t leave us alone and he just looked so horrible, you could see and feel his bones and his hair was severely matted so me being me I picked the cat up and put him in my car and he loved my daughter he looked about 6 months old and I could tell he would be a beautiful cat once I get him home and clean him up and bring him to the vets first thing tomorrow. He was climbing all over my daughter in the way home and she absolutely loved it we don’t have any cats but we do have a dog and our dog has only seen my moms cats and loves to tease them. So we get home and my boyfriend is like “omg really, how do you go to the park and come back with a cat!?” Well I couldn’t just leave the poor thing there and it needed some serious help! My boyfriend is the type that doesn’t like cats but he went inside and a minute later comes back out with a brush to try to brush the knots out the cat and the cat is loving it 😂 he says he doesn’t like cats until there’s one in front of his face lol, he also brought some dog food out for him since we don’t have cat food or any tuna, so we tried to introduce him to our dog mind you my dog is a German Shepard and is 2 years old so she’s still very hyper, she scared the cat so bad he jumped and ran as fast as he could down the road 😭 I ran after the poor thing and I could not find him 😩 I wanted to save him so bad he needed help, he need us to give him a home and save him and now he’s gone 😔 I tried ... 😩