Pregnant but my bf won’t like this..

I currently just found out I’m pregnant and my bf doesn’t want any kids at all. I was on birth control.... well anyway.... a while back I had gotten pregnant and due to a lot of reasons including my bf not wanting to have a kid, I had an abortion and from there been on birth control since. What would u do? I have a son that is 2 years old and not my bfs . My son’s father left when my son was 3 weeks old and never came back. My bf is what my son sees as a father. He helps me in every way with him. We don’t live together but 3 times out of the week I sleep at his place w my son. He helps me take care of him, he treats him like if he were his . My bf did tell me the first time I got pregnant by him, he didn’t want no part in that baby. I had the abortion bc I didn’t want to bring another kid into this world and him or her not know their father.