bff trouble

so my best friend (who is really emotionally detached) and i have been having a reoccurring argument between eachother where she feels i’m neglecting her for other people in my life, mainly my bf, and i’m blowing her off and ignoring her. shes been posting shady insta stories about me and i’ve been ignoring it.

so heres the deal

i’m a senior in HS so i have a lot of hw

i work a LOT! mainly weekends which used to be my free time w my bff and my bf so i don’t really have one on one time with either of them! but my bf totally understands.

i have to attend really important family dinners with my bfs family sometimes

so my everyday routine is almost like “school, hw. work, sleep.”

my mom is really struggling w the personal life in our household, were kinda a broken family so we’re trying to both save up enough money to leave my dad and be on our own, so she’s mildly depressed so whenever i do have free time i choose to be with her instead of my friend

am i bad person for this?! why does my bf understand me better than my

own best friend.

i explained this all to her and it seems like she just doesnt care