Being bullied by hubby

Hello everyone I have to get this off my chest before I have another meltdown. My husband and I have been together for 4 years and almost 3 years we’ve been married. We have a toddler who is only 15 months. When we first met I knew he was an immigrant and I wanted to get married to him (out of love) after we got married he changed into an asshole excuse my language very abusive verbally and physically. As time went on he wasn’t always like that... then I fell pregnant and during my pregnancy he made the rudest comments ever how fat I looked and flirted with girls in front of me put his hands on me left marks on my arm... 2 months ago he got into a tragic car accident a huge truck reared ended him. (If that makes sense lol) and his anger problems increased he doesn’t talk to me much he mocks me says he’s always tired but he always wants to watch tv and never do anything with me. We’re always together he isn’t working right now after the accident any suggestions what I could do at this point? He keeps telling me to leave him bc he’s all messed up from the car accident. I wonder if he ever did love me... I’m sad and lost for words..: I hope I wasn’t used for the green card