i need help!!!!! *UPDATE 2*

so i’m 12 and i’m a competitive swimmer who recently changed teams. i’m now i’m a group with a boy who we’ll call bryan. bryan is sooooooo cute IN MY OPINON but i’m too scared to talk to him. he’s really nice but i freeze up so i haven’t even interacted with him

this is him:

this is his ex that broke up with him a couple months ago:

and here’s me:

i feel like i have no chance with him and idk what to do😩😩😩


he moved groups bc he’s a year older than me so i almost have no opportunity to talk to him but one of my best friends who also likes him has been dming him a lot and i don’t have social media and idk how to react🤷🏼‍♀️


i talked to him and it went pretty well but he acted pretty cute and flirted but he doesn’t like anyone. idk how to feel. i see him all the time but it’s not like this is going anywhere but idk what to do or if i should give up🤷🏼‍♀️😩