Nipple Confusion? Or something else?

Kelly β€’ Beautiful baby girl born in August 2018!! πŸ’ž

I've woken up three times with my 5-week old daughter for feedings tonight, and she is barely eating. Each time, she has been very smiley and awake...normally she's awake but doesn't interact much with me. She also nurses for like 10-30 seconds and then detaches from the nipple, and then it takes 2-10 minutes or more to get her latched again. Sometimes she passes out in between the short bouts of feeding, and other times she just looks around the room. It's like she's just not interested or something?? She has to be hungry because her feedings are spaced hours apart.

Any idea as to why she's doing this? We just introduced a pacifier recently. Could she have nipple confusion? If so, how do I fix that? πŸ˜•