Anxiety during pregnancy

I’m struggling really bad with anxiety during my pregnancy. I’ve always had anxiety in some form ever since I can remember. But when I met my partner everything started to get better. I stared to practise a little bit of self love and self development and started looking after myself. However I got pregnant quite quickly which was a shock to both of us. There’s a lot of factors that could be causing my anxiety but I’m just so scared at the minute all the time and it has nothing to do with the pregnancy or my baby. I don’t trust anybody and I’m paranoid and I have to keep reminding myself that there’s no reason to be but I’m so scared that I going to ruin my relationship and that people are thinking I’m crazy, even though I’ve spoken to my partner and he tells me that I’m being silly and that I’m not going to ruin anything I just feel like I’m pissing him off. Majority of the reason I know is because of how hormonal I am but I suffered with a lot before I found my partner in 2 of my relationships with physical and emotional abuse and it’s causing me to not trust my new partner he’s very different and I’m not used to it as I’m so used to my partners being possessive which I used to think was affection. My new partner is not very affectionate so I think he doesn’t love me as much which is stupid because I should be so happy that my partner isn’t emotionally or physically abusive in the slightest. Anyway there’s always some thought that he’s cheating on me or doesn’t want me and he’s waiting for the baby to arrive to leave me and friends and family are constantly talking about me 🙈 I’m so fed up with myself more than anything. I’ve gone to my gp to get help (which I didn’t tell my partner about) but it will take a while for me to be able to see any counsellor so I guess I’m just venting and trying to seek some advice before I lose it even further