Unplanned C-Section at 36+6


I was scheduled to get induced on Monday 9/10 since I have Cholestasis, so today I went to my appointment to get a NST. While hooked up I had a 5 minute contraction and the babies heart rate was in the 70’s for 4 minutes so I had to go to the hospital for further monitoring. After being on the monitor for 1.75 hours the same thing happened and hats when they realized there was no way this baby could make it through me being in active labor. So the choice was made to just go ahead with a C-Section and get her out safe. So at 4:15pm we welcomed Emma Grace into this world at 6lbs2oz and absolutely perfect. She won’t be needing any NICU time and is doing good breastfeeding so far and this momma is so in love. 😍