Mothers, Fathers, Parents of all! I need your opinion!

Ariane • 😼😹

I wish to open a daycare, but before i get down into it, id like some comments and opinions from all of you. This wont be the typical ABC daycare; I wish to open a homey space for families who are into the low class catagory. Maybe (example here) that single mother down the street who needs the service but could only pay 10$ a week. I want to make something like this. A lot of people have told me id loose more than gain anything, but with enough strategy and budget (possibly funding if i have to, but i havent worked that into the equation honestly) I feel this could be accomplished. Of course training and certification is a no brainer, and Ive decided doula trainig is going to be added to this too. This project is quite raw and in the making, and at this time im collecting all the feedback I can.

If you've at least made it this far into my post, whether you comment or not, Thank You for giving me a minute of your time. With love. 💐