How did you leave your marriage with kids ?

How did you plan for it? What did you need to have in place aside from the obvious like a place to live ?

I make 17.50/hr at 37.5 hours a week. I don’t get paid holidays and I’m off in the summer.. I have an almost two year old and one on the way I really want to leave my marriage but idk how.

We’re currently staying with my parents to get back on our feet after a crazy experience abroad. I don’t have other family I can stay with. Neither does he.

I don’t have any friends close by.

How can I leave my marriage take care of my kids and survive ? Do I just suffer in this miserable relationship until the right money and circumstances are in place ?

I know I deserve better and I’m ready to take that control of my life. I just need advice on how to start.

** I should mention I’ve asked him to leave and he won’t. He has nowhere else to go. My parents won’t force him to leave. So. Just stuck in this.