Did you sail through 1st trimester but now struggling :(

Sara-Louise • FTM ❤️ Baby girl due 09/03/19 💕ASB💕

Did anyone sail through first trimester but then get to second to then start struggling

I wouldn’t of know I was pregnancy for first 12-13 weeks if it wasn’t for missed period. I am now 14 weeks 5 days and struggling 😢

Major bloating

Loss of appetite

Sore back

Feeling nauseated

IBS cramps that are worse than usual😭


Restless legs at night

Not sleeping properly

Stretch marks already appearing

General feeling crap

I had so many people ask how I had been feeling after the announcement and I was like oh I am fine, I am great ect

Now I think I have jinxed myself 😭

Anyone else?