Naming her after my mom...Kind of. What do you think??

I really want to name my daughter in honor of my mom without using her exact name (Melinda) she is my very best friend and is sadly nearing the end of a long battle with stage 4 breast cancer. 💔

We were initially thinking Amelia because it is almost an anagram. (Contains same letters) But!! My husband realized yesterday that the name Madelin is an *exact* anagram of Melinda! We’d spell it with the “i” instead of the usual “y” spelling, it does look a little off, I’m not one to misspell a name just to be different ... I just really love that it has the same letters as my momma’s name 😞 is it too weird to spell it Madelin? (We’d pronounce it like “Lynn” and not “Line” btw)

❤️ Wow, thanks so much for all of the sweet and encouraging comments! We are now absolutely set on Madelin ❤️ the reason we are not just using the name Melinda, is because we’re afraid that one day it will be hard for my dad and other family members to call her that. But if Madelin is anything like her sweet, selfless and wonderful Nana, the world will definitely be a little more beautiful.