Being Honest About Pregnancy

Brittany • Baby boy coming December 8th!! 👶💙 Married to a wonderful man 💕 We both can’t wait to meet our little Cayden 😍

Third trimester here we come! You kick me in the most uncomfortable places, you make it impossible to sleep at night, that nausea you were making me feel a few months ago is coming back at times, my back, feet, and legs don’t know what normal feels like anymore, you make me winded just from getting up after sitting, you’ve made me the heaviest I’ve ever been, I’m in the bathroom at least 100 times a day with all the pushing on my bladder you’re doing, my brain can’t form simple sentences sometimes, I can’t wear most of my clothes, my stomach is tight all the time, Braxton Hicks are starting to happen- but despite all this, you’re one of the biggest blessings life has given to me. You are loved so much little one. 86 more days 😍