Seriously, everyone around me is pregnant

Kaiya • 06/06/15💒 10/07/16👶🏼💙 04/16/18👼🏻 06/21/2019 👶🏼💙 TTC #3🤞🏻🙏🏻

Y’all, the struggle is real. Everyone around me is pregnant... including my MOM! Lol Her bundle of joy wasn’t planned, she was on birth control, and they were using condoms. Like WHUT!? She’ll be 43 in December. I get my one and only brother outta the deal so that’s pretty cool. Lol My newsfeed on Facebook is solid of pregnancy announcements. Old friends for school, previous jobs, everyone! This morning I received the news that my best friend is expecting. I am so, so happy for her. Doctors have told her she’d probably never be able to have kids. Her baby’s ETA is March. I’m so happy for everyone that is expecting, but at the same time, I am so bummed and down. Especially when it comes to my mom’s pregnancy. We experienced a miscarriage in April of this year. My mom and I would actually be pregnant together if things would have went differently. My husband and I have been TTC since August of last year. We are not being super strict on ourselves for the TTC. We are kind of just going with the flow. We didn’t conceive our son until we finally let go and let God. Technically we are TTC our rainbow baby since we lost our precious baby in April. AF is due the 18th, praying this is our month. Couple weeks ago I have the most vivid dream that I got not one, not two, but THREE very dark-line positives on First Response tests. It was probably the most vivid dream I have ever had. It would be awesome if the dream was a preview as to what is to come at the end of this cycle. My son randomly came up to me the other day, patted my belly, and told me “momma have a baby”. My aunt’s oldest daughter from a very young age has told my aunt each time she was pregnant before my aunt ever got her BFP. My aunt has had 7 miscarriages total and has 4 children on Earth, 2 being a set of twins. It’s be awesome if our son predicted/knew for us too. If you’ve read clear to this point, God bless you. Lol I just needed to vent I guess or ramble... However you wanna look at it. lol