Circumvallate placenta.


I see an MFM for my pregnancy, mostly because she followed me for my last pregnancy after I was diagnosed with severe hyperemesis and growth restriction in my daughter. I work with her and she agreed to follow me for this pregnancy as well. All was going well, I was fairly well controlled on my hyperemesis meds until 15 weeks when I had a large bleed. She saw me the next day and diagnosed me with a partial placenta previa. By 17 weeks my placenta was off my cervix but was lifting and there were two hematomas present. At my 20 week scan she found the hematomas hadn't absorbed and that there were uterine contractions happening at the level of my cervix. My cervix was still long and closed though. She discovered that my placenta is circumvallate, likely from the lifting from the hematomas I think is what she said. I have to be monitored for growth every 4 weeks by ultrasound. I'm already at risk for premature rupture of membranes because of the hematomas and now, because of my placenta baby is at risk for growth restriction. Anyone else had the same thing?