I need to lose 15/20 fast plz help

Michelle 🇬🇧

I’m 40 next mth. Having a big 40th birthday party!! Can’t wait and I’m so excited. BUT I reallyyyy want to lose some weight as I hate pics of myself and want some nice pics of me in my 40th. I’m round in the middle (had 5 kids) and have love handles. I don’t look nice in any dresses as my middle protrudes and tops of my arms are fat and it ruins it. I need to lose weight round the middle and my arms. I just started exercise classes once a week and have stopped all junk food. I drink a smoothie a day with almond milk, fruit, flax seeds and whey protein powder and walk after dinner for 45 mins 3 times a week. But I have only lost 2 lb so far 😩😩😩 what else can I do to shift this. I have 3 wks to my party and would be happy with any weight loss I can do before then. Any quick weight loss tips please?. I have an 18 mth old at home so can’t go the gym. TIA