My story, goes like this

My story, goes like this. My pregnancy journey was full of hormones, tears, laughs, precious moments, hard moments! But full of activity. I went on walks everyday, I worked in my mums salon until my last month of pregnancy (a week before my due date) on the 4th of September my water broke. I was not admitted to be induced until it was more than 24 hours of my waters gone! (Terrible when your waters broke and your gushing every minuite) 
I was induced, and I was dilating every 4 hours only 1cm. 
I took all the drugs I could as the pain was immense. My baby was getting stressed and his face was not facing down, he was facing up. 
It was scary. I thought I was going to loose him. I had 3 different midwives during my 20 hour labour. A wonderful midwife come along examined me and took me in for an emergency C section. Once seeing my son! I decided I need to be strong for my love. 7 hours later I got out of bed, from recovery and had a shower with assistance and started moving. my husband was the greatest support as well as my mum. 
I am more in love with my husband 1000% times more. And the respect for my mum has gone out of the roof. 
My advice would be expect the unexpected and once you see your baby be strong for yourself and your baby. Do what your heart tells you. Don't listen to bullshit. Because you will get thousands of opinions! 
Do what suits you every mum and baby is different but it's all beautiful. Because that's what makes it YOUR Journey!! ❤