High school drama?

What to do when your distancing yourself from your only 2 friends and everyone else hates you (literally) people say I’m mean and rude when all I’ve literally done is mind my business, my friend said it’s because the way I look at people like a resting bitch face but that’s not my fault my friend said good thing She met me before i got mean. Whatsthat supposed to mean?! I don’t even talk to people so idk why people want to start something with me I really don’t understand. I’ve been thinking of just ending my relations with the only two friends I have and I’ve been taking it out on my bf ? This probably doesn’t even make sense but it just gets me mad that when I was a freshman in high school I was so shy and defenseless and now that I stand up for myself (12gr) I get called rude and mean and other names

I’m just done, I want to leave that school and just disappear from certain peoples lives