Anyone who’s had preeclampsia...


So I failed my first glucose test. Borderline passed the 3 hour test. They said I failed the first two hours and passed the last hour by only 5 points. So I have to do the 3 hour test AGAIN at 32 weeks.

During this pregnancy I’ve been hospitalized for kidney infections. Now I’m on an everyday antibiotic until the end of the pregnancy.

I’ve been feeling even more sick though. Constant headaches and just feeling out of breath. I’m a waitress and I find myself sweating A LOT for no reason at work as if I ran a marathon and I’m always having to catch my breath.

Does this sound like I’m progressing into preeclampsia as well? Just from anyone’s experience. I have a check up Monday but just want to see others experiences with this. I’m afraid the headaches will get brushed off as dehydration but I’m extremely hydrated, urine is almost clear.