need help?


Okay so recently me and my ex gf were texting and today I’ve been really busy and frustrated because of school. Anyway, my ex told me she wanted to ft right when I came home and when I did go home I forget to ft her and I got really tired and hungry. (Btw Lisa is her “obsessive ex”) recently Lisa hacked my account so she could text my ex gf! But everything is fine now! I got my account back. Anyway, so this ss was from today! Recently actually from not to long ago. I really like this girl but I feel like all she wants is attention. Like, she wants to be spoiled and grab attention. Like the thing is, I’ve been busy enough! I can’t always give her my attention. If she doesn’t get what she wants she’s always telling me, “bye, I’m blocking you” and that just gets me upset. I really like this girl. But she doesn’t understand I can’t give her attention all the time.