Help going crazy

I am writing this post because I am officially loosing my mind. I swear this month I thought I was pregnant. I’m tired my boobs hurt I’m feeling dizzy and have been just emotional like never before. Told myself that I wouldn’t take a test but of course couldn’t help it. Came home from work (peed like 10 times at work) and ran straight to the bathroom. Peed immediately on the stick held it for 15 sec and then closed the cap and left it alone for three min and big negative. Heartbroken. Literally can’t stop crying. I don’t have my period still am feeling sore boobs and overall tiredness and moody.

Help anyone else feeling like they are not making these things up but getting negative tests.

Should I retest again

Can pee be diluted if you have peed so many times already.

Anything would help.