Your thoughts?

Ali • 🌵🌻

So my husband and I have been married for over a year and moved into his parents house about 8 mo. ago. I've been extremely stressed, depressed, and not a very good example of a woman of God or wife to my husband. I have fallen into the peer pressure of his mom telling me to drink with her every night (or else she holds the grudge on me and ends up threatening to kick us out anyways or just straigh up gives us hell until we drink with her again) We moved in here with four dogs, a cat, and guinea pig that there is no room for and we dont believe in contraception so I could be pregnant at any moment which scares me and make me not want to have sex bc I can't possibly put a baby in this situation. We pray about it and we do what we can but I think my husband is lacking motivation or something. If I wanted to stay in his parents house forever he would be more than happy to stay. But I don't want that or need that and we have to means to either move out completely or build something small on the property thats literally a quarter acre of his parents back yard which is fine but my husband just thinks we dont have the finances to at least start something!! I've talked to him about it sooo many times and all he does is gets upset that I'm bringing it up. Periodically he'll talk about it and act like he wants to start making at least baby steps toward us leaving the nest.. but idk... I pray and I talk to people I trust about it but there has been no progress especially on my husband part which I feel awful for saying bc Idk what he's thinking or if he does want to get out just as bad. Either way the situation right now (and for the past 8 months) has not been healthy for our marriage or mental health. I just want to know if y'all have any advice? Like financial advice maybe? or maybe should we be looking to leaving the property or staying on it and just putting a house there? I like in Texas if that makes a difference in pricing on different areas. Have any of you been in this situation? I think y'all get the gist lol thank you ahead of time and may God bless you.