Let’s talk progression and why you shouldn’t waste your $ on FRER

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Okay so this may be long but I swear it more than likely will be beneficial if you are TTC...

So the picture I posted is of 50% of the tests I have taken since I saw a faint line on Monday 9/10 @ 9 dpo (🤣seriously, this will be our last child so I figure I can waste some internet cheapies ) . And for those wondering if I am sure of my ovulation date , yes I am I get pains that starts 2-3 days and in the few hours before it gets really bad and then disappears immediately .

Okay so starting at the top of the paper ,

On the left side is all the easy @ home tests from amazon, and on the right are the clinical guard brand from amazon .

On 9 dpo , for the easy @ home test when I took the top test it was in the morning before work I didn’t see anything , when I came home I saw a vvvf shadow of a line so I retested and I could see something same with the 8 pm (now they are so dry you can barely see them in person.

And for the clinical guard I again took it in the am and I am not sure there is a line at all .

I also took a FRER at work and got a super faint line (like seriously really faint I questioned it all day) which was why I came home and tested more

On 10 dpo

My line on the easy @home were noticeable right away, the FRER was noticeable but still faint and I can finally see a vvvfl on the clinical guard . I also got a positive digital (I will say I didn’t drink anything for 3.5 hours )

Now here is the interesting part

11 dpo

I had my labs drawn for HCG . I will let you know I have a 15 Day LP so I wasn’t supposed to see AF until Sunday (or late Saturday night )

My HCG levels at 10 am we’re only 21 . And at 9 dpo I was getting faint lines on an Internet cheapie the easy @ home brand !! My HCG would have been super low

My line has jumped quite a bit since yesterday (11 dpo) on both internet cheapies .

But the real reason for all of this STOP wasting money on FRER !! Easy @ home is just as good and super cheap!!!

I have a re draw for my labs next Wednesday since I am so so early (before my missed period) they wanted to wait .

Ladies if you are a POAS addict stop wasting your money ! get easy @ homes strips they are just as sensitive and will save you tons

Baby dust to all 💖💖✌🏽