Unicorn Babies


So I kinda wanted to share my thoughts on the term “rainbow baby”. I’m sorry if this is controversial in any way but I’ve been thinking about it a lot. God gave us a rainbow as a sign he would never flood the earth again.... right? Well there’s no proof for us OUR rainbow means we won’t have another flood. That rainbow can be temporary, fleeting, and flat out terrifying, with the outcome not ALWAYS good. Rainbows you can see. Up until a certain point, we have no proof that anything exists inside us at all. So I want to throw out a new term for those like me, still waiting for our proof, besides a line on a stick, that there is life actually growing. Unicorns you can’t see. You can’t hear, you can’t touch, all you can do is have faith they are real. With no proof. So if you are very early, before your first appointment, I wish you all the unicorn dust in the world!!!!!! Unicorns after all, certainty would give us a wild ride,

Until we see our Rainbows. 🦄🌈❤️