First Night in the Crib

Samantha • 🤷🏼‍♀️ I be a mom

My baby girl is almost a month old. For the past almost month she’s been sleeping in a bassinet in my bedroom. My biggest issue with it was that when she gets fussy she moves her head all the way to the cloth side and smushes her face against it and it’s always bothered and concerned me. Up until 2 days ago I had all of her clothes in her crib because I was trying to organize what does and doesn’t fit her, put the things that are too big in a box for later use, and the things that are too small in a box to give away, and the things that fit to hang them in the closet.. well I finally get all of that done and fix her little hammock up. Since the crib is wood, she moves a lot in her sleep, and there are som pretty decent size gaps I like the hammock and wouldn’t put her in the crib until I could figure out how to get it to fit properly.

Anyway.. I’m rambling.. all day today I left her in her crib in her bedroom which is attached to mine. If I leave her bedroom door open it’s basically like she’s still in my bedroom. I let her sleep in her hammock and checked on her. No issues while sleeping and no issues when she gets super fussy or even just a little. The hammock is made out of a mesh breathe-able material in the part where she lays so if she smushes her face up against it (which I didn’t see her do) she can still breathe. Makes me feel so much better!

Even though she spent all day in her crib in her own room and was fine and I checked in on her frequently this is the first night she hasn’t been in my room so i just HAD to go check on her. I kept telling myself “she’s fine don’t get out of bed there’s no reason to check on her she’s been fine ALL DAY” but I couldn’t help it. Went to go check on her and of course she’s totally fine.